Ode to Grace Kelly

Grace Patricia Kelly, an American actress most famous for her roles in three of Alfred Hitchcock’s films (Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief and Rear Window) and winner of an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Country Girl (1954, directed by George Seaton), visited Mallorca and Felanitx during the Summer of 1961 accompanied by her sister Elizabeth (in the photo on the left). Five years earlier, in 1956, Grace Kelly, aged 26, married Rainier III Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco, and thus became Princely consort of Monaco, commonly known as Princess of Monaco. Her visit to Mallorca included a visit to the Perles Islas pearl factory in Felanitx where the photo above was taken. This had already been her second visit to Perles Islas; the first visit had taken place in 1960. The gentleman in the foreground of the photo is Enric Bonmatí Rovira, the director of Perles Islas between 1960 and 1965. The photo was borrowed from the Internet courtesy of riueto.blogspot.com. Thank you and moltes gràcies.

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